A clone of NetBSD's src in Fossil format


A Fossil mirror of NetBSD's source code

This is an import of NetBSD's source code into Fossil. It was done around the 9th of April 2024 using NetBSD's Github mirror. The process took about 3 and a half days. If you would like to know more about the journey, take a look at the Fossil forum thread that I created

Cloning and downloading the repository

You can clone this repository by doing a

fossil clone https://fossil.irvise.xyz/NetBSD/home
or by using wget (or cURL)
wget http://irvise.xyz/fossil/NetBSD.fossil
and then try anything you like locally with full permissions. Notice that it weights about 7.5 GB!

Exploring the repository online

Alternatively you can explore the tree here online readonly, perhaps starting with https://fossil.irvise.xyz/NetBSD/stat (this operation will take about 20 seconds to complete.)